How do i make my character fall from the sky?

I’ve been trying to make this work for a while and I’ve even used the app to get the placing right. I have put her where i want her to fall to and put
@CHARACTER1 spot 0.665 58 722 AND CHARACTER1 is surf_crowd_loop
@CHARACTER1 walks to spot 0.665 58 722 in 3 AND CHARACTER1 is surf_crowd_loop
@CHARACTER1 starts sleep_uncomfortable And she lands into a completely different place! Can someone tell me what im doing wrong

&CHAR spot x y z AND CHAR starts animation THEN CHAR walks to x y z in S AND CHAR does it while animation THEN CHAR spot x y z AND CHAR is animation

Sometimes the laying animations will make your character go off screen. It’s best to have your character crowd surfing then get the spots for the start and finish of the fall then have your character laying and get the spots for that so he/she is in the same place

if they are sleeping the spot might be different

Thank you I’ll try that

It worked without the sleeping animation so instead i just made her fall and then faint

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