How Do I Make My Character Run Then Fall?

I’m trying to make my MC run into a room and then fall, however, everytime she runs she pauses and then falls. How do I make this smoother, so that there is no pause?

This is my script:

@YOU walks to spot 1.802 135 -169 in .5 AND YOU is run_athletic AND YOU moves to layer 3

@YOU starts run_fall AND YOU starts lay_asleep_loop

Thank you so much! You’re a life saver :clap:

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Do you know how I can incorporate a camera shake and the audio “body_drop”?

After trying, the camera shake happened quite after my MC fell. Is there any way to line both the camera shake and audio up with her fall?

Thank you!

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I’ll take a look.

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Thank you for linking, ur posts are appreciated <3


Marked as solved and closed. Thanks!