How do I make my character run?



I know its stupid but I don’t know how to have my character run. I add (run_casual) but she just runs in place instead of running away and off from the screen.


You do…

@MC does run_casual
&MC walks to (point you want MC to go)
…I believe.


You would type:

@CHARACTER is run_casual and CHARACTER exits left or right

Making the character running and exit at the same time will have her run off screen.


hi i tried that and its not working


Have you tried using your character’s name in the script and using one of the options to exit the screen?

@MARIA is run_casual and MARIA exits right


i added that just now and my character just walks off the screen she doesn’t run


My apologies, I had it backwards.

Here is the correct example:
@MARIA exits right and MARIA is run_casual

Exiting the screen comes before the action!


its ok! it worked thank you so much!


Thanks to everyone who responded and helped out! Closing thread :v:t2: