How do i make my character sit? LIMELIGHT help asap pls


Before I even pan to zone 2 I want my character to already be “sleep_sit_neutral” on the bed, when I try to do it it doesnt let me. Can someone help. needed asap



&CHAR spot S X Y in zone 2 AND CHAR is sleep

@pan to zone 2


thank you i will try to do that rn.


Let me know if it works out


didnt work


&CHARACTER spot 0.794 242 216 in zone 2 AND CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER is sleep_sit_neutral_loop
@cut to zone 2


Thank you ! I was on the verge of giving up and taking a long break but you helped a lot lol!!


Well also, it appears that your background isn’t reviewed yet, so that might be the problem. But when you originally set your character to be ‘laying down’ you haven’t specified where, so it places it randomly in some other dimension. So you need to either go onto the app, click your story and use the Directing Help/spot finder to help position your character, or just click the same Directing Help/Spot Finder in your preview screen.




Thanks to @Res and @Apes for the assist! Closing thread. :mage: