How do i make my character walk and look directly at the readers. and I want to zoom out

I want it to show the whole screen but it’s just focused on them.

use atcamera animations

how would i zoom out to show the whole scne

First type
use the zoom you want first and then add the time (how fast you want it to go)
and then reset it to its original zoom do @zoom on 0 0 to 100%

For example:
@zoom on 2 56 to 65% in 2
add a pause for (time) to slow down the timing it resets
@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 2

I don’t know what i want to go at. i know how i want it to look. a wide sceen like the photo above and then them running forward .

Oh you want it to do that zoom it and them it moving to different areas


no like this

them in the middle running towards the people

I’m sorry… but explain the scene VERY CAREFULLY

cause this is what I got you have people running in the middle rung and you want the screen to move to the zone were the crashed car is?

no i want it to show the whole screen. the picture above i want it show it that.

you can only see 1 zone at a time though
the closest you could do that would be paying through zone 3 to 1

it worked thanks

sure happy to help~

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