How do I make my character walk & not slide?

On line 103 @JASON seems to slide instead of walk, how would I fix this? I have it as “ @JASON walks to spot 1.894 128 -298 in 1 AND JASON is arms_crossed (I also added in another character to do the same so they do it as the same time but she does it fine but @JASON dosen’t?

He’s still sliding, I actually have the other character set as in 1 also & it worked but it’s just on him?

To make your character walk, instead of slide, you have to be using a walking animation. Like “walk_neutral” for example. As for walking with their arms crossed, I don’t think that’s an animation, but I could be wrong.

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First, do you want the character JASON to walk or just move while doing an animation? In any case if you want to change the original way the character “walk” use AND CHARACTER does it while
But - as Brooke_Johnson already pointed out - arms_crossed isn’t a walk animation for any of the styles, so that makes the character “slide” no matter what you do. However, if you use LL you can go with one of the walk_baby animations to make it sort of look like if the arms are crossed.

Second, make sure to give the character enough time to reach their new destination at a proper speed for the animation. 1.0 is a very short timeframe.

If wanting to have more then one character walking at the same time be sure to use either @ in a combination with AND
ex @CHARACTER1 walks to spot 1.894 128 -298 in 3.0 AND CHARCTER2 walks to spot 1.894 128 -298 in 3.0
& and not @ for both with a time pause
&CHARACTER 1 walks to spot 1.894 128 -298 in 3.0
&CHARACTER2 walks to spot 1.894 128 -298 in 3.0
@pause for 3.0



Got it, is there a way to make the characters walk & immediately do an animation? Like I have 2 characters walking & I want them to immediately after done walking for them to do an animation how would I do that?

use does it while instead of is and use THEN command

For example:
@JASON walks to spot 1.894 128 -298 in 1 AND JASON does it while arms_crossed THEN JASON is idle

What If I have 2 characters? This is how is it “ @JASON walks to spot 1.894 128 -298 in 1 AND JASON is walk_neutral AND ROSALINDA walks to spot 1.891 219 -310 in 1 “ I want JASON immediately after done walking to do the animation arms_crossed & I also want ROSALINDA at the same time immediately after done walking to face right

&JASON walks to spot 1.894 128 -298 in 1 THEN JASON starts arms_crossed
@ROSALINDA walks to spot 1.891 219 -310 in 1 THEN ROSALINDA faces right

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Thank you, I just get really confused when using “&, THEN, starts and sometimes @“

In case for LL, if the animation I want is walk_exhausted_loop, the character is still sliding instead of walking with a time pause and time of 5 secs.

What does your code look like?

Hey Dara, thank you for your response :grin:. I have changed the code and now its working fine :slight_smile: