How do I make my characters kiss and move across the screen at the same time?


Also how do I make them alternate from kiss passionate rear and kiss passionate while they move across the screen?


Are you familiar with spotting?


like spot directing? yes


And you’re saying you want to alternate? Like whoever is kiss_passionate_rear you want them to be kiss_passionate


yes they like alternate or “switch places” as they are moving across the screen


To make this happen your going to want to use spotting, they will “walk to spot” while doing the action for example, “@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.5 20 150 AND CHARACTER does it while kiss_passionate_loop” but right after they reach the spot they are gonna stop so your gonna have to tell them to do the action again


Also your probably gonna want to put a time on it to make it better for example, “@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.5 20 100 in 2 AND CHARACTER does it while kiss_passionate_loop”


but how do I know they’ll be moving at the same time?


If you put them both at the same timing and put them the same distance between eachother


Like if a the character on the X scale is at 120 and 130 you wanna make sure there is that 10 distance between eachother


Ok great.

So here’s what you do

Let’s say your CHARs are already kissing, and CHAR1 is on the left AND CHAR2 is on the right

@CHAR1 spot S X Y in Z at layer 2 AND CHAR1 faces left AND CHAR2 spot S X Y in Z at layer 1 AND CHAR2 faces left

@CHAR1 is kiss_passionate_rear AND CHAR2 is kiss_passionate

@pause for 2

&CHAR1 walks to S X Y in T AND CHAR1 does it while kiss_passionate AND CHAR1 faces right

&CHAR2 walks to S X Y in T AND CHAR2 does it while kiss_passionate_rear AND CHAR2 faces right

&CHAR1 moves to layer 1
&CHAR2 moves to layer 2


hi what do the layers do?


Layers, like layers on a cake. One on top of the other.

So if 2 CHARs are, for instance, kissing, one has to be in front of the other. Layer 0 is all the way at the bottom, if other CHARs or overlays are in layer 1, 2, 3, etc. than they will be in front of whoever or whatever is in layer 0.

In the pic above, the girl is on layer 2 and the boy is on layer 1


thank you for explaining that. When I copy and paste the template an error comes up
here is what I wrote:
@ JESSE spot 1.352 48 14 at layer 2 AND JESSE faces left AND REBECCA spot 1.244 160 0 at layer 1 AND REBECCA faces right
and it’s saying this is not a valid directing command


You have to specify what zone they’re in. For example:

@JESSE spot 1.352 48 14 in zone 1 at layer 2


She’s right, the zone goes first then the layer


Also I want my characters to move to zone 2 while they are kissing but is that possible or does it have to be a specific spot in zone 2?


You can specify the zone when CHARs are walking. So here’s what you do…

You move the characters offscreen into the next zone, for example:

@CHAR spot 1.280 200 0 in zone 1 at layer 1

I’m going to move to zone 2 now

&pan to zone 2
@CHAR walks to 1.280 450 0 in T

You have to preview it to adjust the X axis just right but that’ll work


hey i’ve been working on this for hours but when they kiss it works they move across the screen but towards the end they just stop and face right and it looks kind of awkward in my story. Is there any way I can fix this?


I do believe that when the characters are done walking, they’ll stop doing whatever animation you told them to do. So you have to tell them to do the animation again and it’ll work. Maybe @RudeInception can show you if you don’t know what I mean.