How do i make my characters sit in a classroom?

Yo, so i’m new to writing a story here and i’m just wondering how do i make my characters sit in a classroom? i used overlays but i’m not sure on how to make my two limelight characters face each other while sitting.

well they don’t need to use the sit animation as long as they are in the right spot and just use “@CHARACTER faces left” or “@CHARACTER faces right”

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I don’t know how to make the characters taller and to make the background zoomed in. I’m so lost with everything. every time I’m trying to make a scene I get a an error.

well when you preview your story at the side of your screen or on your phone it should have a little on the right saying “Directing Helper”, if you click on that and then click on “Spot Helper” it allows you to move your character around to wherever you like and change size. underneath the little preview screen once you’ve moved it will be a little number like “@CHARACTER spot 0.803 -134 364”
if you use this instead of “@CHARACTER stands screen left”

if you still don’t understand look up “spot directing” on youtube <3

and to zoom in you can use “@zoom on CHARACTER to 200% in 0” or again go onto “Directing Helper” and use the “Zoom Helper” and use the numbers at the bottom again to zoom.
you can also look this up on youtube <33

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Thank you, i’ve got it now <3

Good good <3

can you help with this???

with this​:point_down:t5::point_down:t5:

Hi, Apes, this is Mbuyi from episode forums. I still need help with some things. may you take a look of this please.