How do i make my story famous? or get many reads?

how do i get people to read my story and make it famous?


Promote your story and do R4R

Not sure if these will make you “famous”, but will probably help with the read count at least…

  • Have a catchy title and a decent cover
  • Think up a good description because that’s what you’ll use when you promote it on forums and insta
  • Follow a crap ton of people on the app in one go in hopes that they’ll click on your profile and be drawn in by the cover, title and description (lol)
  • Find some forum friends to read your story! If they like it, they’ll help promote it.
  • Get reviews? It will help you know what needs to be fixed, but also other people might read the review and choose to read your story based on that.

This is a great advice. I been doing this and it helps. Not famous. But it helped get my story out.

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  1. promote

  2. get a nice cover

  3. art scenes are good to have too!

  4. keep writing!

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you really need to promote your story on many platforms

and you also have to make sure your story appeals, is it what the people want? I’m not saying make a story about falling for the bad boy vampire leader of the mafia gang and getting pregnant, I’m saying find your target audience and find what they want in a good story, longer chapters? choices that matter? appealing to the demographic is hard but it’s the key to fame

The biggest target audience on the app is Romance/Drama

what is R4R?

How do you promote it? thank you

don’t necessarily target the biggest group if that’s not your demographic though. I guarantee that there is an audience for every genre but you need to put your story out there and make them want to read it.

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Read for read

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