How do i make overlays blink slowly?

I haven’t directed in a couple months or so, I’m trying to make the stars in my story like blink/twinkle

You want them to on and off glow?

Then you’d use opacity:

You can loop the opacity:

You can read more in that thread as well as find that information in the overlays guide:

Well I used

@overlay STARS opacity 0 in 2 THEN overlay STARS opacity 1 in 2 loop INFINITE times

and the opacity goes to 0 really quickly then it goes to 1? Like i’m trying to make them blink super slowly but it won’t stay at 0 for long enough

Instead of 2, try a higher number.



Okay I’m going to try using 5 instead of 2

So helpful! I also needed this. :sweat_smile:

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Do you have an instagram? It’s still doing it & I wanna send you a screen recording

Yes, it’s jem776x :blob_sun:

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Okay, I’m gonna message you on my main insta because I’m not currently logged into my Episode one

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Can you PM me here? Insta’s bugging for me (or my internet connection lol) so I can’t see any requests :see_no_evil:

@itsgaby.p np :+1:

Yeah sure hold on a min

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Ok well basically I think it’s just a mobile glitch and idk how to fix that either. It works on my computer preview perfectly fine

It could be :woozy_face: Overlays have been glitching lately. You can send in a ticket to Episode about it.


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I sent one, thank you for your help x

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