How do I make plus size mom look like mc?

So I want to make the mom in my story plus size but how do I get her features, like hair and skin color, to match the customized MC? When I do @MOM becomes MC it turns her skinny. Help?

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You have to create the MC and the MOM (plus size), then when you add CC there will be things like: @MC changes … into
You’ll have to place that exact same sentence there instead of MC, MOM so when the reader changes something in the MC, the mom also changes it


Make plus sized mum > If the MC is customizable you have to add a script that’ll change mum’s features along with MC’s (same hair/eye colour, stuff like that). Here’s the quote, from Dara’s page:

To have family members have the same skin color, hair color, eye color, or other features look like the customized character, use the “becomes” command above, then change the features you don’t want them to have the same using the below codes.

@CHARACTER changes bodyColor into Color Name @CHARACTER changes eyebrows into Eyebrow Shape @CHARACTER changes eyebrowsColor into Color Name @CHARACTER changes face into Face Shape @CHARACTER changes eyes into Eye Shape @CHARACTER changes eyesColor into Color Name @CHARACTER changes mouth into Mouth Shape @CHARACTER changes mouthColor into Color Name @CHARACTER changes hair into Hairstyle Name @CHARACTER changes hairColor into Color Name @CHARACTER changes nose into Nose Shape



Dara’s Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)