How do I make sure the character does not leave a scene with a towel on

I have been facing difficulty with coding a character and making sure it doesn’t leave a scene with a towel.


Change the outfit to one with no towel and then exit

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Can you clarify? Is he holding a towel? Wearing a towel? There are no towel props.

wearing a towel.

Ok I will try and let you know if it works.

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If that’s the outfit he is wearing, it will not change until you give him a new outfit.

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Ok, thank you

What I meant is like when the character is in a dressing game and has a towel on how do you make sure the character doesn’t leave the scene when you press done.

The character shouldn’t move until you re -spot him. Maybe you can show us your script

ok I will try

It’s ok everybody I figured a way out.