How do i make the character's body face different ways


okay so i’ve done this recently but basically, i want my character to move her whole body facing left to right but when i try it, it doesn’t work? i dOn’T kNoW, i’ll post my script if someone wants it. help anyone?


you put
@character faces screen left or right


I think you say

@CHARACTER faces left/right


i tried to do that but it didn’t work ahh

but here’s my script:

    EMMA (talk_apathetic)
And I know that you're dating Remi.

    ARIA (laugh_giggle)
That's a funny joke.

@zoom on EMMA to 400% in 0

@EMMA is arms_crossed_angry AND ARIA is shush

@zoom reset

    EMMA (eyeroll)
You're a terrible liar.

@ARIA faces left

@ARIA faces right

@ARIA faces left

(I should make a run for it.)

@ARIA faces right

    EMMA (talk_excited)
So, tell me about how it happened!

    ARIA (talk_sheepish)


i also did that (i think hh)


Did it work?


I think its just the animation that is making it not work


i’ve done it before, for some reason the character is only turning left


nope :frowning:




You need to add pauses.

@CHARACTER faces left
@pause for a beat
@CHARACTER faces right
@pause for a beat


it’s alright, thanks for helping :heart:


okay, thank you so much!