How do I make the main character have a double? Need help ASAP!

I’m making a story where the MC has a evil double and it’s a robot trying to ruin her repetation!
But how do I do this?

Do I have to make a new character and copy her features.
Or do I have to use some sort of code?

You can use a code.
@COPY becomes MC
Just make sure the copy is somewhere in the scene when you use the code

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Do I need to make a new character, or do I just put that code down?

You can use an existing one or a new character

So should I just make a new character, copy the MC’s features, and name her [FIRSTNAME]2?

If you want the readers to name her, then you can put the display name as “NAME” but put whatever you desire as the script name. The code will turn the character into the mc. You can just change some features around by doing @COPY changes hair into Hair Style

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Thanks I’ll try it!

@Nick Can you close this?

Sure thing @Tay11 Thanks again! :v: