How do I make the reader's chosen name on top of the narrator box?

I attempted to do this by doing:

The wait for my taxi was quite awkward with Caleb next to me.

or with

The wait for my taxi was quite awkward with Caleb next to me.

But neither worked. I need help!


This is correct :+1:

Are you testing it on the Writer’s Portal or App? If you’re testing it out on the Writer’s Portal, you should test it on the app instead.

Also make sure the character’s display name is NAME :smile:


Thank you! I had to put the script’s name instead of the display name!

Yep, you write the script name in the script and the display name is the name that is shown to the reader :wink:

So if you have:
Script Name: YOU
Display Name: NAME

In the script:

Hey my name is [NAME].

And I’m feeling so happy.

The reader sees NAME (or whatever they named their character) and you would write YOU if that’s the script name.

Also script name can’t be changed, but display name can be (it can also be blank so no name)


Script Name: RICH
Display Name:

In script you write:

Hey I’m rich.

But readers don’t see RICH, they see no name since no name is being displayed to them.

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Hey I just read your comment.

my script name is Sarah and display name is Name

and when I type NARRATOR(NAME)

on the app it comes up as name? :confused:

Can you help me
Thank you :slight_smile:

You have to use the script name.


As long as the display name is NAME, it will still show the chosen name in your story.

Thank you, it didn’t seam to work in the app, so I just used “you as the display name

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Ah here is the link sorry Elements