How do I make the script go smoothly throughout narration with additional characters?

I have it so the screen is panning while there’s narration. But I have a lot of extras in the screen plus the original characters and when it switches to the next scene, the narration pops up but then it takes forever to pan because of all the extra things added in. Is there a way this can happen smoothly without it taking a long time to get the characters in position with a long pause then pan? It looks choppy.

Well, you could use & instead of @ so the characters appear at the same time

I just put “&” where their “@” is?


@VANESSA is talk

-change it to:

&VANESSA is talk

so yep, see if that works

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It works! Thank you.

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You can do this whenever you want things to happen at the same time

So, if I want to

@cut to zone 1

but I also want the characters to appear at the same time I would do

@cut to zone 1
&VANESSA stands screen center

So when Vanessa appears, the camera also cuts

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That makes sense, I wasn’t sure what command it was. Everything happens at once now ^^ ty!

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Solved and closed. :smiley: