How Do I make Them Drum

I’d like to know how to make characters drum and also how to have

@ELENI is play_airguitar_energetic_loop (while she holds the guitar overlay)

Unfortunately, there is no guitar prop, so you would have to upload an overlay.


  • play_drums_fast
  • play_drums_hit_sticks_loop
  • play_drums_slow

You can try this:

thanks for the drums that’s really helpful, but how do I actually position the guitar so that she’s actually holding it?

You would have to use spotting.
However, you maybe need two separate overlays, as in the thread I linked, someone stated that otherwise both hands will be above the overlay.

oh ok thanks, also do you know how to make a character face the back of the screen then turn back (so face where the background is)?


@CHARACTER is idle_rear

that’s great however she’s facing left when she does it can she not face right and do it?

Rear animations are always opposite.
To face rear right
@CHAR is rear AND CHAR faces left
To face rear left
@CHAR is rear AND CHAR faces right

Cool thankyou so much

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