How do I make this right?


So basically, I’m trying to make it where my MC (CLEO) is walking to the scene with a moving box, then she starts tinkering with the boxes. But I want the narrator to be talking as she does all this. How do I do that?


I dont know if this works but try this:

&CLEO walks to spot 1.280 200 45 in 3 and CLEO does it while walk_box_neutral_loop then CLEO is tinker_kneel_neutral_loop


It works, but how do I remove the box before she begins tinker_kneel_neutral_loop?


@remove Moving Box from Cleo


Where would I put that?


you would put that prior to the animation , and if the box isn’t being removed then you need to reset your progress


If I put that before the animation, wouldn’t that make her walk out without the box?


so you wanna remove the box after she’s tinker stand neutral then? if so,
do @Cleo is tinker_kneel_neutral
@pause for a beat
@remove Moving Box from Cleo


I want to remove the box right before she tinkers, so that it would look like she put the box down.


From your script above, just backspace @remove Moving Box and &CLEO is tinker to get rid of that gap, so they are lined up just like the other commands are.


I’m still confused. Like, I want her to not have the box anymore, so do I combine the commands somehow?


i’m confused as to what you mean. lol


I mean… like… um… When she walks to the spot with the box, I want the box to be removed so she can tinker on the ground


I mean my only recommendation for you is to do the
“reach_kneel_ blah blah blah” and then remove the box so it looks like she put the box down honestly


I think she means she wants the character to walk, then when the character tinkers afterwards she wants to remove the box she wants it all together


So there isn’t a command to remove the box as the narrator is talking?


Because I wanna do this all whille the narrator is speaking


I dont know xD
But @brvnda idea seems to be good (: you can tinker_loop than than remove the box than stand up so it looks like she puts the box down


Well, I want her to put the box down so she can tinker, so I can try to put the box down. Thank you :smiley:


well unless you do the
&zoom command, so it’ll be zooming in to the character while the character is talking and doing all of the animations.