How do i make those narrator notification appear at the top of the readers screen?

Those narrator notification that the reader can read how do i create them?
can someone help me please?

readerMessage Your message here

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should i put it exactly like this?

The “readerMessage” part, yes. But change “Your message her” to whatever you want your message to say.

like this?


i put it exactly like that but it isn’t working.

I just tested it out and it’s working. You didn’t add anything else on the line did you?

oh its working now but can it keep for longer ?

Reader messages are only onscreen for 5 seconds. There isn’t a way to make them last longer.

oh ok thank you very much btw :blob_hearts:

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No problem!

You could use :
@overlay OVERLAY_NAME create text Your text here.
&overlay OVERLAY_NAME opacity 1
@pause for # (of seconds you want it on the screen)
&overlay OVERLAY_NAME opacity 0 (when you want it to go away).

*that way you can control how long it’ll be on screen. :slight_smile:


A placeholder. You can use whatever overlay you want in your catalog or the Episode overlays section of the Art Catalog.

So, like this:
@overlay AMBULANCE create text You didn’t think I’d let that happen, did you?
&overlay AMBULANCE opacity 1

And if you spot direct the overlay, you just add the shift, scale and layer to the “overlay AMBULANCE opacity 1” line of code-
so it looks like this:

@overlay AMBULANCE create text You didn’t think I’d let that happen, did you?
&overlay AMBULANCE shifts to 159 156 in zone 1 and overlay AMBULANCE to layer 5 and overlay AMBULANCE scales to 1.000 1.000 and overlay AMBULANCE opacity 1

*spot direction is made up for this example. :slight_smile: The “AMBULANCE” will become a clear box around your text. You can add color/effects to your text and scale/size it and opacity 1 or 0 it just like an overlay.

wait so it would be like a physical text in the middle of the screen?

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Yes, it will appear as just the text.
Dara actually has a guide for it:
It’s how I learned that this was a thing you could do lol But if you want your text to be on screen for longer than the 5 seconds that readerMessage code gives you, this is a pretty good option because you can color/add text effects to it. :slight_smile: and fade it in and out as you like because it’s technically an overlay.

lol this is really cool tysm :blob_hearts:

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No problem, definitely give her guides and tips/tricks a read, it’s a lot of really good code help/info. :slight_smile:

hey can i ask you one more thing?