How do i make those narrator notification appear at the top of the readers screen?

Sure :slight_smile:

ok ty
so when I’m introducing a background i do like a transition but when the transition comes in the characters i already placed are not there until the transition is finished
do you know how to fix that?

Try coding it like this:
(end of previous scene)
@transition fade out black
&zoom reset and CHARACTER stands screen center and CHARACTER faces right and CHARACTER moves to layer 0 and CHARACTER starts tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear and so on for all your characters in the scene using and between each one
@transition fade in black

^^This should* have the characters on screen with the fade in instead of after :slight_smile: I prefer using the & symbol and always put zoom reset so that I can see the full zone while I’m placing people. Then I go back and change ‘zoom reset’ to whatever the zoom #s and % I want. :slight_smile:

*edit because I can’t type today and put school instead of should :joy:

so basically place @transition fade in after everything?

Yes, that way it fades out then changes scene/characters and then fades in with them in place :slight_smile:

Maybe it would be better to see
This is the first scene

Can you copy/paste for me? You can send it in a PM if you want. :slight_smile:

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