How do i make two characters sit in like desks and stuff in a classroom (coding help)

Idk even how to approach this. Need help! PLZ!


You have to use overlays for that. You can find them in the art catalog on the writer’s portal. You can also upload your own ones. Some backgrounds (with OL in the name) have “build in overlays”.
And then you code it like this:

@CHARACTER position AND CHARACTER faces r/l AND CHARACTER is animation

Here’s a tutorial on how to properly use them:

I recommend all of his tutorials, they’re super helpful.


will this work with limelight as well???

Of course :blush:

how do i move the desk overlay?

i learned how to move it but know the overlay is to small in scale. how do i make it bigger

it said it was “max layer invalid” what do i do (i learned how to make it bigger)

Can you show the script line where the error is?

To make overlays bigger, you need to spot direct them, like this:

BACKGROUND - DAY with OVERLAY to s x y in zone … at layer …

When you preview the scene theres a button “Show Helpers” then you go to “Spot Directing” and choose “Change overlay”. There you can move the overlay around and scale it how you want it. Then you simply copy the code from underneath the previewer into your script.


here is the error
@overlay DESK CLASS moves to layer Max Layer

then there is the yeild sign and the message

The layer needs to be a number.

i don’t understand

ok so when i first run the overlay its like in the image but when i press again in the preview it bounces back to where i want it.

Did you copy the coordinates into your script? from under the previewer.

overlay placement

You have to write it like

@overlay OVERLAY moves to layer 1

uh yes, do i press the copy or the copy stage button???

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