How do I move my text box?

No, I don’t mean the readerMessage! How can I move around my text box? I know it,s possible, butI just don’t know! Oh also it goes like:
(text here)

If someone could help it would help a lot!

You know where you do spot directing and etc? There should be a box saying “speech bubbles”.

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uuuhhmm Mobil right?

Are you writing it in the app or episode portal?

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You see the screen were you preview it?

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okie so do I do @speechbubble is 173 331 to 100% then wut? (and do I have 2 do it 4 each 1?

No, you don’t have to do it again. All you have to do is paste it above the text. To reset it you do @speechbubble reset.

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oohh okie so I can do:

@speechbubble is 173 331 to 100%


@speechbubble reset


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ty gurl u saved me from learning on how to do sum overlay stuff and making overlays!!
A gift in return: :fortune_cookie:

Tonight will be dark

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No problemo! If you ever need anything else just hmu!


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