How do I pan without the characters?



Anyone know … ?


@pan to zone ? in ?

@pan to zone 3 in 5


Thanks :slight_smile: And another question ? How do i put my character behind a counter? Like for example …

Example :


INT. BAKERY NO OL - DAY with OVERLAY to X Y Z in zone ? at layer 1

&CHAR spot x y z in zone 2 at layer -1

Just make sure the character’s layer is after the overlay!


It says "Wrong syntax of specifying coordinates. Try “to SCALE X Y” For example “to 1.0 100 100”.



INT. BAKERY NO OL - DAY with OVERLAY to 1.029 92 128 in zone 2 at layer 1

&CHAR spot 1.280 100 0 in zone 2 at layer -1


For some reason. It’s still giving me an error. It says “The overlay OVERLAY does not exist. Did you misspell it or delete it? Try reloading to update your catalog”.


You must use an overlay, not just code the word ‘OVERLAY’ literally.


hey guys i got a question is there any shooting animation aside from shooting _rear
i don’t want the character to keep shooting just one or two shots


What art style are you using?

Classic, Ink or Limelight?




Okay, give me a sec…


Well, there’s shooting_loop…


ya but it shoots non stop


It worked , but it keeps skipping the INT. BAKERY NO OL - DAY scene


You can stop the animation if you command the character to do another animation after that.

Then, the character will only shoot a few times.

@/CHAR is shooting_loop THEN CHAR is idle


Can you send me your script?


Yes , do you want me to copy and paste the line ?



The whole scene


Everything from the beginning ?