How do I prevent characters from popping up?

Hi, and I’ve noticed that when I put characters in my scenes, they pop up. Now please be aware that this happens in spot directed scenes, and when I do a spot directed scene, characters just pop up and it doesn’t look normal. Is there any way I can prevent this from happening? Please let me know.

You should use & to place the char’s. When placing char’s, make sure to place them at the beginning of the scene, under the background name, if they are to be present in the scene, from the start (so before a pan, transition, etc). You can also have char’s walk into a scene using spot directing. If you’re still need more help dealing with pop up issues, do share your code (ex. screenshot of your script) :+1:

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Here’s some of my code if you need it, and the code is for the scene where the characters are popping up:

#Alright, it should be something like this (one way to do it, written below): (they are popping up because you have them at different time points, plus you put the zoom before you put in the characters, and the zoom will take 1.5 seconds to finish, and then the first char will pop in). Here’s an example code you can try and see how it goes (btw doesn’t matter if it’s NARR or NARRATOR, both are the same):


&cut to zone 2

&MC spot 0.488 35 285 in zone 2 AND MC moves to layer 2 AND MC faces right AND MC is applaud_happy_loop

&LI spot 0.533 183 273 in zone 2 AND LI moves to layer 2 AND LI faces left AND LI is applaud_happy_loop

&SON spot 0.344 103 297 in zone 2 AND SON moves to layer 3 AND SON faces right AND SON is jump_happy_loop

@MC changes into MC_intheyard
@LI changes into LI_intheyard
@SON changes into SON_intheyard

@zoom on 349 246 to 171% in 1.5

@speechbubble is 155 406 to 100%

But to say anything, it all started long ago when I was actually happier.


Thank you so much

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