How do I promote my new story?

Hi everyone, I am curious… how on earth do I promote my story on here? I’ve just released 3 episodes and would love some tips please.

Also, would love some feedback on my story. I am a huge fan of fantasy/ Love stories. Please be kind haha.

My story is called, Queen Of Spades.


You should make a separate thread for ur story and do as much R4r as possible and also if u have insta post sneek peaks make connections with new people…This can help :blush:


Do r4r

Also I recommend watching this.

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Post your story on R4R threads if you’re willing to read others’ stories, create a thread specifically for your story, recommend your own story to recommendation threads (if the OP says self-promo is fine) and create a thread asking for reviews + feedback or reply to an existing thread that states they do reviews. No pressure though baha, just throwing a few ideas your way.

:blush: Good luck with promoting your story!

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