How do I promote my story as an upcoming author

Hi guys
So I’m really curious as an upcoming author how can I promote my story. I’m working on my first episode story which would be out by next month but i’m really scared and I feel it might not get any reads. I know I shouldn’t feel this way but I can’t help it.

In your way how do you suggest I promote my story. I tried hosting a character contest last night but so far no one has joined yet. Please help🙏🏻


I have the same question :blossom:

R4Rs, attaching it to a contest if applicable, even just announcing it in a self-promotion forums post & making sure it sounds interesting can convince people to give it a try. The very best thing you can do to get reads is to be featured on a shelf but obviously that’s a bit more difficult.


That’s helpful. I was thinking Instagram ads to, don’t know if that’s helpful and also not everyone uses Instagram

Hey! I recommend you to do R4R that’s what gets you most recognition and also you get to help other small authors in need of reads, and yes if you have the opportunity and the idea to apply to a contest usually that’s when they get more recognition, also I suggest you have an active Instagram account, ask for reviews and shout outs from other people, reviews usually help a lot to have a second set of eyes on your story and maybe help you to improve it.


There is sometimes topics for promoting your story here:) also promote your story on IG and use tags like #episodeinteractive. And if you do r4r there might be people that really enjoy your story and keep reading. Getting reads as a new author is difficult, you won’t get 200 reads overnight, it takes a while:) but you can do it.

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Thanks so much. I’ll definitely put this down for future help. I really appreciate

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Thanks for the words of encouragement. You all are really so helpful

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Sure dear I will, thanks.

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There’s a plethora of different ways, so please forgive me if this ends up being an entire paragraph of information. :joy:

  1. R4R and story review pages:

The most important thing to do is to establish a loyal reader base for your story. Even if not everyone who reads your story via these options continues reading, there will be a few that will, and hopefully these people can also help share your story.

  1. Have an Instagram account for the story:

I promoted my story via the forums as well as with Instagram pages, so I can’t be certain which platform yielded more exposure, but every little bit of promotion counts. Additionally, especially when your story only has a few chapters, potential readers may want to have some place to see whether you’re actively posting new content before they commit to reading. There’s also a TON of incredibly kind and helpful people that can help you by posting screenshots, doing shout-outs, etc.

  1. Time-aware posting and in-app following:

I cannot exaggerate enough the boost that your story can get by posting chapter updates simultaneously with following people within the episode app, ESPECIALLY if you’re able to post multiple chapters. Stories can be incredibly difficult to see, and following really helps give your story a chance to be seen by more people. Not everyone will read it, but even if only a small amount do, that’s a small amount more reads than previously. Additionally, doing these things simultaneously has the potential to push your story rank up enough to get within it’s genre shelf, which will give you a huge exposure boost!

I really hope this helps! Best of luck to your writing, and please let us know when it’s out; I would love to read your story! :heart:

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Lol thanks so much for this paragraph. I’ll take all these down and yeah definitely, I’ll let you know when the story is out.

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