How Do I Properly Write About Depression?

I have a story called “Depression” I made to bring awareness to the topic but I don’t know how to write about it properly. Can anybody help me? So I can properly represent it in future episodes.

Alisha, can i be very honest? Representation is VERY important, i myself suffer from depression and i don’t think someone who can’t properly write about it should write about it. Now, i’m ASSUMING you don’t have depression since you say yourself that you don’t know how to write about it. Forgive me if my assumption is wrong, and i hope you don’t take offense in my answer :slight_smile:


I honestly don’t know if I do, my mom says I do, but idk. and I’m writing it to bring awareness to the topic.


Oh, i’m sorry about that. Honestly, the only person who can actually diagnose you is a professional. You should think about making a schedule, as depression is very worrying and needs treatment. I know you have good intentions, but maybe try writing about something you understand a bit better.


It’s already published and I actually got a fanmail yesterday saying they relate to it and they feel it too. I’m here TRYING to learn so I can understand it. :woman_facepalming: I even tried reasearching.

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You do you. Just keep in mind depression and is a VERY triggering and sensitive topic, and yeah, you should always research about what you are writing.


I did that. And I didn’t get too far. Just ways to track it. I don’t know where to go to properly research. I haven’t had to research something for a story in years. But I’ll try again

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Try here

If you don’t fully connect or have an understanding of what you are writing, it is likely that the story plot won’t be as good as you wish.
I suggest doing deep research about this topic as many people suffer from depression and may take offense if it isn’t written accordingly.
Or you could pick another way to raise awareness other that basing your story on depression,:heart:

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The story is already published and I don’t plan on abandoning it.

I never said abandon it, maybe switch it up a little so readers can also connect too.
Because if you don’t connect with your story then readers aren’t likely to either
Either way, wish u all the best and good luck.

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