How do I put a spotlight on my character to look like a bright light is shining on his body?

Hey guys I’m doing this scene where the sun is shining really bright on this character so this other character can’t see him but I don’t know how I can get this to happen. I don’t know whether any of you guys would know how I could a spotlight kind of light so I can get this to happen!?

I really hope I just made sense as its kind of hard to explain what I want to happen.

thank you very much :relaxed:

no one is going to help me are they :disappointed_relieved: no one ever does , thank you :expressionless:

I’m so sorry, @Bryony.R I really don’t know how to help bc I’m a sucker at coding.

You posted only 2h ago. :thinking: so it’s not like people don’t want to help you. For future post your thread in Directing helps & tips section for a faster response.

And you can use bright light overlay to get this effect


thank you sooo much for telling me :relaxed: