How do I put bruises on my characters? Mobile device


I can’t figure out how to put the bandages and bruises on my characters Someone please help


The only way u can do that is on the writer portal which u can access through ur phone


How do I do that?


U have to go to episode interactive and sign in through there I think


Wait, r u making the story using the app?


Yes, through the app


Id think u can do it through the app


Idk how tho


You have to sign in through the writers portal


How do I do that?


Uhhh…maybe typing pg.story appscot? Or something like that , link it with Goole /Facebook , same as when you create profile and done🙃


Just go google type episode writer portal, I think


Oh…ha Episode writer portal (thanks @Liqingluv) :upside_down_face:type it link it and done​:grin:


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Thanks everyone I think I figured it out!


Sorry, if I wasnt able to help


You did help, and thank you


No prob lol