How do I put characters in the background?

I am creating a story for the first time and a lot of the scenes are going to be in a school or in other public places. How do I get characters to be in the background? I was also wondering if anyone has any tips on having multiple (main) characters in a scene without it looking crowded.

You either spot them, or command them in.

@CHARACTER stands screen center

@CHARACTER is at screen right/left

@CHARACTER spot xxx xxx

Okay, thank you.


as ^ said, use spot directing or simply have them stand at a default spot. make sure to check the layers so that they are behind your main characters…
i suggest not doing more than 3/4 main characters in a zone at the same time because then it will look too crowded.
use the randomizer for quick background characters then adjust them to whatever scene you need them for. <3

What is spot directing and how do you do it??
Sorry, this is my first time making an episode so I don’t really know what I’m doing.

thats fine! i think if you’re a beginner you could start off with learning the basics and as i’m not very good at explaining you could read a guide on how to spot direct or watch a really helpful joseph evans youtube video on it :cupid:

i reccomend the video it’s really easy to follow!
again, this is more advanced directing joseph evans makes really great guides aimed at beginners!
best of luck x

Thank you