How do i read a story that keeps on crashing

when I try and read the story Black Magic it either takes me back to the home screen or off the app completely how do I fix this


It does that to me too in some stories but you need to wait a few seconds with your screen open and the go to the app
If it doesn’t work the first time then continue to do it

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I’ve tried so many times but every time I click it, it just goes straight back to the home screen


Maybe try updating the app (if you have an update available)

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Mine kicks me out when I read Black Magic too! What I do it close out of all the apps on my phone and let it sit for like 15-30 minutes. When I come back, it usually works

I’ll try that although I’ve left it for hours before and nothing happened. it has been like this for 4 days now

I thought I was the only one with this problem. Everytime I try to read “Bite My Tongue” it takes me back to the home screen.
Let’s hope they will fix this soon…

Yeah, this happened with me too, i was reading camp katawaki 2 (am i spelling it right? Lol idk) whenever i press the screen, it takes me back to homescreen

This error is usually caused by a lack of memory on your phone. I have some scenes with very advanced directing. If they are still not working you can file a ticket, people who have done that have been able to play the story with no issues.

I have send a ticket and they send me a message with a few solutions but none of them worked and I have lots of storage space. So I don’t know what the problem is

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I have the same problem. Their solutions don’t work at all

I also asked them if it was possible to restore my game. Unfortunately, they told me it was not possible…