How do I remember an outfit? (Tappable dressing game)

Hi, as much as I tried I still don’t understand how to remember choices. At least remembering outfits with the tappable dressing game of Dara.Amarie.

Do I write the code to remember the choice under the tappable dressing game and with that in the next episode the outfit will be remembered


Do I write the code in the next episode so that it will be remembered?

My problem is that I don’t know where to put that code (the one in the notepad) and if it’s correct. And how to correctly remember the outfit in the same episode and in the next one.
Thank you so much!!

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If it uses the point system to remember the outfit, you can do it whenever you need the outfit to change back to that chosen one

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Yes, I suggest writing that code at the start of the next episode.

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after the choice the character will automaticly wear chosen dress an she will wear it till you make another outfit change… so if you will not change her dress she will automaticly wear it in next chapter too.

But if you in between change her to something else ( for example PJ) and nex day you want her to wear again the same thess then in this scene you will need the if/ elif/else

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Thank you so much!

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