How do I save my character in "Hello?" by Evil Ebonni & Old Mate?

Hi, it’s been a long time that I’m searching some people that know how to save our character in the story “Hello?”, in the thriller/horror section.

I replayed it for four times and I can’t replay it for more than 5 times, so I only have another opportunity to save my character.

If any of you know that there’s a way to save the character, please help me!!!

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Always choose rope. I replayed it 2 or 3 times and finally won. I survived. I forgot all the choices though… Don’t hide in closets… Always try to get out of the house… And always respond to their text and calls. I think that’s how you win? I’m not 100% sure, but yeah.


If you want, I could attempt to replay it and see what choices to make.

Choose rope

Ignore calls from the unknown

Make sure you lock all doors & windows then call the police

When you escape, press right until you see your mum outside the door


When the unknow send me a message…ingore or answer?

If it’s not a problem.


Are you sure?

I don’t know the answer but I just wanted to say a few things:
1.) The unknown reason is because quite often fanmail can be hatemail
—> And perhaps the author DIDN’T want to answer questions such as how to win because she doesn’t want others to cheat and wants you to win organically.
2.) The reason there aren’t any videos is because the story is copyrighted. Authors reserve the right to take down videos that have their stories.
3.) The author had no control over how many replay opportunities you have. That’s Episode’s choice.
4.) Even if the author made it so that you can’t survive, that would have been their choice. There is a way to win, yes, but this is still their story, keep in mind. They can end it however they want.
5.) It’s a story. Don’t be angry. Enjoy it.


The author said that all the clues are in the beginning of the story before it gets serious and scary.

I’d give the answers but I haven’t played it in ages sorry.


I saved my character on my first go.
I also low-key cheated- someone had posted all the answers in the comment section of Ebonni’s now deactivated IG. :see_no_evil:
But yes, it’s definitely possible to win. I don’t really remember the answers, but I remember that after knowing them, I realised how obvious it actually is :rofl:. A lot of them are given to you.


“Always choose red”


Yes, I have to admit it, I was wrong and I’m sorry. Especially with the author. I’m very sorry, also because they spend a lot of time doing it and I only wanted to know how the story will end if my character survive, since I only have another opportunity. Otherwise I would have never asked how to win.

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@lizzy.writes by the way…I love your stories!!! :heart:

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Lol this made me think of that Simpson’s episode with the carnies where you can’t actually win the ring toss game :rofl:
If an author did do this and made a reader think that it was possible to survive in a story when it really wasn’t, then sure it’s their choice but it also is a crappy thing to do IMO lol. Of course, that isn’t the case here :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


@EliseC you are the author of Hit & Run?

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Yes :slight_smile:


OMG!!! I love it!!


Are you working on another season?

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Thank you :slight_smile: And that’s the plan although life has been in the way lol. It’s actually planned, though.

To not get off topic- I’ve just found all the answers for Hello? Turns out I took a screenshot of them so:

rope, outside, lock the doors and windows, ignore the calls, go left