How do I scroll faster?

idk if this is in the right place, but this is regarding the site and not episode so i decided to post it here? sorry if it’s not.

i just scrolled for a million years on a game because it had over 2000 replies and it was… painful
does anyone know how to get to the bottom right away? sorry if this is a noob question lmao i just got back to the new forums !

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can you do this on the computer?

On the PC you will just scroll using the side scrolling bar up and down. :slight_smile:

is there a way to get to it faster? i can do that but it takes forever when there are over 2,000 replies

On the right hand side of the screen in the topic you are in you will see the number bar similar to the screenshot posted above. Click on the number then click on “jump to” and you should then be able to choose what post you would like to navigate to :).

oh my gosh, thank you idk why i didn’t try that before. thank you! you can close this thread now :slight_smile:

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thank you!