How do i share a draft of my first chapter?


I have completed my first chapter and am working on the second and third where there are publish buttons…but I received an email suggesting I share a draft with the community? How many of you do this? or do you just wait until you have finished the 3 chapters?


I wait until I finsh 3 chapters


I don’t generally share a draft with the community when I’m only on one chapter.
I think it’s better if you wait when you completed 3 chapters so that if people want to read, they don’t read only 1 chapter


I wait until I complete all three chapters to give my readers enough content to read mean while i’m writing the fourth chapter but if you want to publish your first chapter.You can just copy paste the Narration bubble of to be continued on the second and third and chapter until you pass 600 lines in both.then you can publish the first chapter but make sure you write in the beginning of the first chapter that second and third chapter aren’t ready so that their pass won’t be wasted.That’s what i heard from the authors doing.Hope this helps.


Thanks! I didnt want to really because things usually dont get interesting until after the first chapter but it made me question it when episode helper emailed me.


You can share your first episode. I have to get feedback. there is a link at the bottom of the page saying share story with friends. you can copy and paste that link.