How do I show the whole background

Hey lads and gents! How do I show the entire background with the characters in position? I have one of my characters sitting at a desk and the other walks up to the desk. How do I zoom out or how do I show the entire background without cutting to a zone or pan?

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@zoom reset

This shows the whole background.

Unfortunately, you can’t show more than 1 zone on the screen (you can pan across all zones and have characters walk across all the zones but say if you have 2 zones and want both of them to show at the same time on the screen, you can’t, only one zone will show fully)

You can always make your own 1 zone background, request for one, or use the background that you have and just follow the character to another zone and then make them walk up to the desk.

P.S Hope I didn’t confuse things :thinking:

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Thanks and no you didn’t confuse me :slight_smile:

No problem :wilted_flower:

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ya, like she said to show the whole background if it’s more than 1 panel, you do @pan to zone insert 1, 2, 3, or 4

i know your answer was solved, but here’s this just incase <3

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what’s the/a panel?

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