How do I sit in the chair?

So I’m trying to sit in a chair but I end up on the desk… the background Im working with is INT. CLASSROOM LA DESK - DAY please help…

You need to use the overlay DESK CLASS that can be found in the overlay catalog section, when adding it to your background, make sure the characters are at a layer lower than the desk overlay (:

Uhmm. I know a little about layers…any advice?

Try using the sit animation in a spot.

Spot director.

Maybe you could take a look at this?

you have to use an overlay because that desk is built into the background. there are several ways to do this but here’s my code.

@overlay DESK CLASS opacity 1 in 0
@overlay DESK CLASS shifts to ___
@overlay DESK CLASS scales to ___

you need to layer the desk or your character. i would do:
@CHARACTER moves to layer -1

then you just have to spot direct to get your character in the exact location you want while doing whatever sit animation you want to use.

Hey guys… I figured it’s hard to make your character sit in that map so I’m using a different one which is a lot easier! thanks to epic.kels! thank you!

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how do i sit on the airplane. i’m working with INT. AIRPLANE SEATS - DAY

I am having the same issue. In the meantime, I am just zooming in on the face and having the character stand hahaha.