How do I size characters?


Can someone Tell me if I can size characters? And i also cant figure out how to make someone sit, (It looks weird because they have to stand up while in the limo :rofl: )


Well, you always have this (ex.): @character spot 1.25 150 0
The first number is how big you want the character to be (I usually use 1.25).
The second number is if you want her/him more to the left or the right (I believe 150 is the middle of the screen).
The last number is how high you want the character to be (I usually use 0 because then your character is basically on the ground).


I actually made a guide for spotting characters:

Hope it helps!


I still dont understand how to size my people, like making them kids or super tall


Did you read through the guide?


I do it on computer…


Yea, but you look at the directing help in the app and you and it to your computer script


oh found it!