How do I start a story about a girl who falls in love with her best friend?





Honestly, I feel like I’ve read several episode stories where the characters approach said other person during a “bullying” scene. Not to advise you to do otherwise, but have you ever thought about making it an internal realization on certain things about the others as they’re in their elements? Like two actors in theatre club paying attention to the other when they perhaps act out a scene? A lingering stare during a heated scene between friends can easily spark something without it being too overdone.


How should I do the scene where Alice and Brandon talk more?


Ooh I like that suggestion!


Perhaps if we go with @eunwoo’s suggestion something like maybe they are at a science lesson. He glances at her direction and she glances back - they keep at it for a while. Haha don’t know but maybe she kinda loses track of what she is doing spilling something, her partner is mad and he laughs. He approaches her and laughs about the situation?


I meant your idea:

The next day she comes in late and finds the only spare seat is next to Riven. They start talking a bit more and actually Riven offers perhaps they could have lunch.

P.S. Should the scene you just suggested happen before or after this?


I like that idea - maybe they open up to each other and perhaps the scene is before so maybe Riven is amused by her behaviour and says “hey, let’s talk about your hazardous skills at lunch.”


Okay, could you give me an example of how the scene could go?

(Sorry for asking if that’s too much to ask)


Hmm, I am a bit stuck for ideas on that aspect of it sorry :sweat_smile:


I’m talking about them sitting together the scene before.


Ah okay - perhaps some other people may be able to offer some input? Sorry I am a bit busy now as I need to get writing




How would I do this:

The next day she comes in late and finds the only spare seat is next to Brandon. They start talking a bit more and actually Brandon offers perhaps they could have lunch. Brandon gradually opens up more and more. An explanation of why he is such a loner can be given too. Maybe he lost somebody (close friend passed away for instance). He used to be a lot more social, best setting for this to be told about is on a beach under the moonlight during a friend date.