How do i start in a zone 3 automatically?

Im conused on how to start in a zone 3 right away?

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You use the @cut thingy

as in

@cut to zone 3

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&cut to zone 3 AND CHARACTER spot X Y Z :+1:t3:

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That works too

whats X Y Z???

You have to figure that out urself

Those are the spot coordinates
So if you use spot directing you replace X Y Z with the numbers

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Your mean

oh ok that’s really helpful

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Why is everyone saying im mean?

its just the way you said it
I’m sorry

im still conused
so how would I start in zone 3 right away?

UGHHHH IT’S &cut to zone 3

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Put your background then put &cut to zone 3 then place your characters

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There are a few tutorials on the portal if you need them, they’ll teach you how to zoom/cut to zones and Joseph Evans has some great tutorials on YouTube.

you need to calm down I’m new to this so I’m obviously going to be confused.
If you don’t like it then let someone else help me Happy_Unicorns

Is this the right area to ask how to make a chararter walk off screen? and how to make walk back on screen?

Okay I’m sorry.

it ok I’m also sorry for sanpping at I’m also really stressed out
I’m constantly worried that even if I get on the app that no one is going to read my story or that its not going to be any good

What story?