How do i start in a zone 3 automatically?

Do you have any issues with the story that I can help you with? Also I could send you a link to the first chapter of my story and you can read it and give me ur take on it?

Its called Red Rose its a fantsey story but still confused on how to start in zone 3

I’ll read your story!

they’re trying to help but you have to figure out somethings that we don’t know… we can’t code the entire think you know?

yeah I know sorry

Go to the art catalogue and choose a background that you like. Then copy its name, let’s suppose that it’s called INT. BACKGROUND-DAY.
So you basically do it like this
&cut to zone 3
This way your scene should start in the zone.


I explained it to you here already:

But I probably should have explained it better :sweat:

And while & and @ differs (you can read more about them here to understand it): just note that:

&cut to zone 3 = @cut to zone 3


yeah you can but heads up I prefer to read Ink stories as I can better understand the story better

okay just let me finish the first chapter then ill send you the link. It’s in ink btw

@cut to zone 3