How do i start?

i have this great idea for a story but i have no idea what to do, i know it in créate storie but i dont know how the script Works and all that stuff, any help?

Of course! What do you need help with?

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I would recommend beginning by reading a bunch of the tutorials you can find in the Writer’s Portal! Pro tip: It’s less boring if you try to make your own practice scripts while learning how to do it from the tutorials. And of course if you get stuck on anything or have any questions I’d be happy to help!

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Before you begin your story, I’d recommend reading what it should include and not include (the Episode guidelines)
Read below for more on this:

After this (or before), you can begin plotting your story, making a outline for it, creating the characters and all that :slight_smile:

I would start with Joseph Evans’ tutorials on Youtube:
Start here:
Episode Tutorial 1 - START HERE! - YouTube (He has tutorials in classic, ink and is in the process of working on Limelight tutorials)

You can also check out this website on directing tips:

@ Dara.Amarie , @Apes , and @ RudeInception provide amazing helpful threads that you can check out :slight_smile:

Really, the forum is full of many helpful people that you can get help from : )

The Episode guides are also a great place!

Good luck with your story and remember, practice makes perfect!


hey! tbh i need help on how to start the script, thanks

I suggest finding which background you want. And I’m guessing you have all your characters that you want in the first scene prept. If not, go ahead and do that.

And just start with simple basics.


@CHAR enters from left to screen center

@CHAR2 enters from screen right to screen right

Hey Char2!

Hey Char! What’s up?

Etc. Etc.

And I highly suggest watching some Joseph Evan videos on YouTube, they’re really helpful and that’s what I used when I first started.