How Do I Stay Motivated?

hey guys it’s alanna again and i really am seeking some advice on how to stay motivated while writing a story. i have school, extra curriculars, and episode writing to juggle so it’s really hard to stay motivated now a days, especially because i have almost no time to write. it doesn’t help that i won’t be able to get my laptop back until december…i really want to get this story out but im struggling rn and i need you guys’ help rn :confused:




Hi hun I understand how u feel I really struggle with motivation and I understand it can be hard but think about it this way you have already put hard work into this why stop now, I’m sure it’s amazing and I know you got this. Maybe try this thread for some more positivity :blob_hearts: Open if you are reading this :blob_hearts: and please know I’m proud of you no matter what and I’m always here to talk :two_hearts:


thank you so much. your kind words and the link you listed has helped tremendously! i pray that some good karma comes your way soon <3


Thanks and I’m glad it helped I know how hard things can get at times so I wish you the best of luck

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