How do I stay on ONE story at a time 😭

Hey guys, for the past few months I’ve been working on a story and then all of a sudden I decided that the story was boring and moved on to a new one but the same thing happened. How do I stay at ONE story at the time please y’all help :sob: :sob:


This kind of things happen, you get bored of working on the same story everyday :slight_smile:
It just needs compromise, and support always helps :heart: Hope you can stick to your story, I would love to help you out and maybe proofread it and suggest some changes :blush::blush:


I have the same problem it’s annoyinggggg


I had that problem when i first started writing. Totally normal!

I’ve found that when i truly fall in love with an idea, I want to see it come to life more than anything so it motivates me more to work. I also recommend planning at least a rough outline of your overall story idea, and a couple general points for each episode to help guide you through writers block. Use this time to try and sort out any loop holes and things that may not make sense.

Good luck, I hope it all works out for you!! :blush:


I think it’s very natural to get a new idea and want to focus all of your energy into it because that’s what you’re feeling inspired by at the time. I’m currently writing a story and I do that to. When it happens, I do take that time and develop my new story, but when that inspiration starts to wane about a week later, I’ll go back to my main story. And then when I finish my main story, I’ll have this other idea to work on next! Good luck :blush:


Don’t worry! I do that a lot too, but i’d say don’t write your episodes very often, bc you slowly start to dislike the idea. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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FR, like is impossible :sneezing_face:


thank you <3

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okay, thank youuu :pleading_face: :hugs: