How do i strengthen my story?

like i have some parts of the story but idk how to make the episodes longer or what to add in them

it depends on what your writing like genre (comedy horror romance)

i’m writing romance but some subcategories are comedy and drama

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when you write a story and you just do start, middle and end it will always be short.

so add some extra

do some more comedy scenes
or add a scene that’s unrelated to the story line
for example: today character is going to her best friends house and then go shopping with her (you can ask mix that scene with your romance scene)

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I say cliffhangers. Like end it with a bop and try to make it not predictable that the reader will not even have a clue whats gonna happen.


yeahh i want to but i’m having a hard time coming up with plottwists and cliffhangers

What I do is I go on google docs or just simply write and I say to myself when I have an idea is this too predictable? Because I individually dont want people to know what im gonna do because they guess it from the other stories. So I feel like u should twist it kind of, if you do a romance try not to be cliche but be comfortable because at the end of the day its ur story and u should make it and end how u want.


true but i’m sooo uncreative and i can never think of anything

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Whats ur story about maybe I can help. Just pm or talk here.

If you have a basic beginning/middle/end down it really depends on your central plot and if it lends itself to development. Is there any part of your story that offers more possibilities for your characters? You can add subplots with secondary characters, as long as they come organically and there aren’t so many they convolute the main plot. You can add a new character and use them to create a new conflict. You can expand beyond your original conclusion, look at your ending and imagine where the characters would go from there, see if there’s a way to expand on your central conflict. It can be hard to do any of these things successfully and really easy to mess them up and ruin what you have, remember some stories are meant to be short and if you can’t make it work don’t sweat it too much.

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tysm <3