How do I "talk" in a flashback?



In my flashback scene I want the older current mc to reminisce about her past as a child. How do I create that speech without the dialogue coming from the younger version of the mc?


You could do

That’ll make a text box labeled with the MC’s name. It’s not a speech box though, just a text box.


Here is a script template I always use for my self.
(Remember, this is just an example. Fell free to change it up, I won’t be affected.)

  MC (talk_sad)

It all happened so fast.

  MC (talk _sad)

I remember that day vividly…

@transition fade out white in 4
@YOUNGMC stands screen center


I was standing at the door waiting for my dad to come home…

@YOUNGMC starts think
@pause for a beat


The doorknob started to twist so I unlocked the door.
But little did I know it wasn’t my dad…

Hope my script template helps you with your writing.

Sincerely, Bubbles


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thank you so much!


No problem, let me know if you need more help.


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