How do I text episode

How do I text episode

What do you mean?

Can’t you text episode from Your phone

What do you mean text episode from your phone?You want to contact the episode support team or you want the character in your story to text other character in their phone?Hope I get it right lol.

You can contact them…not text


I read someone said they had texted episode from their phone

Where did you read this? :thinking:
Don’t believe everything that you happen to see written by others without having actual facts that are backing it up, because it could just be gossip and lies.

We need to be careful when we see things that are written by others, on social media, on magazines, and on websites because it could just end up being fake.

And you can contact them on their social media platforms:

This website shows the various social medias that Episode has a presence on.

Can check out:

On here, you can contact Episode by e-mail if you have questions on the privacy policy (this e-mail is only to discuss this, not other topics and the effective date for it is September 28, 2016) Not so sure if it still works however it’s still written on Episode Interactive.

You can also contact them by sending a support ticket if you run into a problem:

And can find your support ID here:

You can voice your opinions on Instagram to them (they may not always answer, though).

You can also check out Episode Interactive’s official website and read through it.

I hope this answered any questions you had regarding contacting Episode : )


Please recover my information on the episode app