How do I transition to a zone without it showing zone 1?

How do I get a scene to not show zone 1 and just strictly cut to zone 2??

I don’t want to pan everytime I have a new scene but it wont let me just cut to zone 2 without showing zone 1, and then after showing zone 1 it cuts to zone 2

this is my coding :
@zoom reset
@speechbubble reset

@VITALANY changes into hospital_gown

@VITALANY spot 0.897 212 186 in zone 2

@pause for a beat

@TRACY spot 0.938 107 169 in zone 2 and TRACY is idle_sad AND TRACY faces right AND VITALANY is idle_sad

@VITALANY faces left

@VITALANY moves to layer 2

@cut to zone 2

@zoom on 468 326 to 160% in 0

You’ll have to add "&"s instead of “@”.
Is this the beginning of a scene?

Yes it is, thank youu

Okay so normally at the beginning of a scene, I start with zones so you’ll need to have “&cut to zone 2” at the start and I tend to have the rest following all starting with “&” and then fading in so it all happens at the same time.

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Oh my goodness you’re a saint! Thank you so much! :tired_face::heart:

No worries, happy to help!!:heartpulse:

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One more question, do you usually you the “&” when closing out a scene too??

No. “&” is just for when you want more than one action to happen at the same time. I suppose you can if it helps what you want to do.

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I use " @cut to zone 1 " and it works perfectly

Cutting to zone 1 works as “@cut to zone 1” because episode automatically cuts to zone 1 in a scene, i’m pretty sure.
But, for me just using the @ to cut to a zone doesn’t work, I have to pan to a zone if I want it to flow

Well if you want to go straight to zone 2, without seeing zone 1 it would be " @cut to zone 2 " :slight_smile:

That doesn’t work. I’m telling you it’s not working because I’ve tried it many times. “@cut” doesn’t work, but “&cut” works. :confused:

That’s super weird.

it does work. your just probably saying it wrong causse it works for me

Honey I put my coding up there, for people to correct me. That coding was not working. That’s why I came her to ask what I was doing wrong, and the solution was “&cut”, I’m sorry that you don’t believe me.

Yeah, works for me too.
I always use @cut at the beginning if a scene, after spot directing, unless I need something else to happen at the same time. Weird that it doesn’t work for others.

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