How do i use filters on episode?



i found a post about this on the other episode forms but the other forms don’t exist anymore, can someone please help me on using filters

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On the side of your script editor, is a navigation area. You then click on the tab that says “Filters”, near the bottom. You are then given a list of all the different filters, which you can view by clicking the eye symbol next to the filter name. Once you found a filter you like, you just click on the name, and it will automatically generate a script template. For example, if I were to chose the black and white filter it would display this:

FILTER: Black and White

@set hsl 0 -100 0 no_colorize with blendMode NORMAL to 100%

Your filter will be enabled for every scene after this line
To turn off the filter, use “@reset hsl” or "@reset hsl in [# of seconds]

You don’t have to keep the instructions surrounded by hashtags (#) , in your script. You can just delete those, and only keep the “@set hsl 0 -100 0 no_colorize with blendMode NORMAL to 100%” in your script.

Like the script says, if you want to reset the filter, you can use the “@reset hsl” or “@reset hsl in [# of seconds]” commands.

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Do you know what the values stand for to be able to create custom filters?


On the right side of the screen there is a tab for filter where you can check which filter you need and after you select the required filter code directly appears in your screen.
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