How Do I use Overlays?

Okay, dudes, here’s the sitch:

I have no clue how to properly use overlays. The leave me severely confuzled.

If any of you guys can explain to me, briefly or essay-ly, I would appreciate it so much! :slight_smile:

-An Episode Newbie


Here is a guide on how to use overlays


Thank you!

It might be my computer, but it’s not loading. :frowning:

Overlays are actually quite complex in the beginning but after a while they become simple! There are two different ways to do overlays. For the first example let’s say you choose a desk. It would look like this
INT. BEDROOM with DESK at layer #
^This can also work with weather effects (just not the layers)
The second way to use overlays is to insert them in the script. Let’s say we are inserting a car.
@overlay CAR create (This makes the CAR actually in the scene)
@overlay CAR shifts to # (The spot of the car, THIS MAY NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE USING A OVERLAY WITH A DEFAULT SPOT)
@overlay CAR scales to # (The size of the car)
@overlay CAR opacity 1 (This will actually show the car, if you do not add this the Car will be invisible)
Hope this helped :slight_smile:


Their are also lots of other things you can do with overlays! If you can confused I suggest to go on to the tutorial located in the little story box. Try using your device and follow. This is how I learned.

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Something was wrong with the link. Weird. Here it is:


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